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No hidden fees. Know exactly what you're paying for.

I want to
$ USD into ... using
Credit Card

The total price will be $145.00

The elipsis (...) can be replaced by any cryptocurrency on the market.

The total is calculated after payment method fees, trade fees, and processing fees.

“What payment methods can I use?”

Use the following payment methods to fund the transactions made on your behalf.

Credit Card

3% Fee


3% Fee


0% Fee

Wire Transfer

0% Fee

“What type of trades can I make?”


4% Fee (Minimum $5)


4% Fee (Minimum $5)


3.5% Fee

“What else can I do?”

Queue trades when a currency hits a certain price point.
Schedule trades for specific times.
Ask for SMS notifications at certain price points for specific cryptocurrencies.

These features are free, and are only a sample of what can be requested once a trade has been made through The Digital Escrow.

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