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Digitally trade without having to facilitate digital trades.

The Digital Escrow creates clarity and understanding across all your cryptocurrency investments opening you up to all cryptocurrencies on the market, minimising your trade fees, making you more productive and making you a generally less stressed investor.

Welcome to your personal assistant

You’re communicating with a real human who is there with you every step of the way until you attain the digital assets you’re after.

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Forget the headache

There are so many coins on the market that it requires registration to several wallets, exchanges and other crypto related services in order to facilitate a simple transaction. We are there to action your desires and attain any digital asset you want, whenever you want.

The Digital Escrow - Forget the headache

Get creative with your requests

If you wish to purchase or sell a cryptocurrency when it reaches a specific price, or at a specific time of day, we can organise that for you. If you would like to transfer your assets to a personal wallet, we can action that transfer immediately.

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Security is paramount

After we attain your assets, we will store them until instructed otherwise. We aim to use cold vault storage wherever possible meaning that your assets are stored on offline hardware that is only accessible when you authorise them to be. For frequent traders, assets will be unvaulted in hot storage for quicker trades.

The Digital Escrow - Security

Our purpose is to provide simple and reliable access to the cryptocurrency market.

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