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“I want to convert $3000 AUD to Ripple”
“I want to convert $3000 AUD to Ripple”“Can you get me 4500 units of Cardano?”“Sell my Stellar Lumens at this limit...”“Transfer all my Ether to this address...”

Own any cryptocurrency you want. You tell us what you want, and we obtain it for you. Digital assets just got a lot simpler.

“How do I get started?”


Tell us what you want


Authorize yourself with mobile SMS


We'll send you an invoice with PayPal and Credit Card payment options


Once payed, we obtain and store the underlying digital assets for you until you wish to sell or transfer the assets


To get an update on what assets we hold for you and their valuation, simply ask.

“Why should I get started?”

There is an opportunity in this new 24/7 global exchange of digital currencies drawing the attention of the largest funds and most prudent investors on the planet.
The Digital Escrow wants to make this market open and accessable to anyone.

I want to
$ USD into ... using
Credit Card

The total price will be $145.00

The elipsis (...) can be replaced by any cryptocurrency on the market.

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